Some South African poetry magazines

I have gathered the details of a few South African poetry magazines for reference. Please let me know if you spot information here that is out of date. This list is quite old.


Small independent poetry publisher with an occasional magazine. Email:, Postal address: Postnet Suite 136, Private Bag X2600, Houghton, South Africa.


UPDATE: Carapace is now closed. See


A quarterly, international(ist) revue of new writing and imaging on African arts cultures, politics. “We seek unconventional essays, memoirs, reviews, poetry, short stories and forms not listed here (and nowhere else) in all South African languages plus French and Portuguese.” Website: Postal address: Chimurenga Magazine, PO.Box 15117, Vlaeberg, 8016, South Africa.

New Coin

Literary magazine. Website link. Postal address: c/o ISEA, Rhodes University, PO Box 94, Grahamstown, 6140, South Africa.

New Contrast

Founded in 1960 as Contrast, it has published many of South Africa’s most distinguished writers and is indexed by the MLA international bibliography. Website: Postal address: New Contrast, PO Box 44844, Claremont, 7735, Cape Town, South Africa.

Poetry International – South Africa

Online poetry magazine representing a range of South African poetry. Poetry International is not open to submissions, they select poets who are establishing and have established themselves in South African poetry. Nonetheless, it’s a great place to find, read and learn from leading South African poets. Website link.


See their website here.

If any of these details are incorrect, please let me know.

33 thoughts on “Some South African poetry magazines

  1. A friend in holland is looking for the words of a poem called (i think) HOMECOMING. About South Africans (black names in poem) returning home. Can you help please

  2. a friend in Holland looking for the words of a poem called (I think) HOMECOMING. About SA men (black names in poem) returning home. Hope you can help

  3. My name is Marina Pienaar,

    I am 20years of age and found freedom in poetry…

    I would like to submit my poems in words a canvas of myself and I believe 90% of the world could and can at some stage relate to this.
    I want to inspire those who no longer has inspiration,
    I want to heal lacerations through my poetry.

    I have about 50 to a 100poems that I would like to put in the book and the appropriate market would be people between the ages of 17-70.I also have a front cover that I have designed myself .

    Marina Jeanetta Pienaar
    marina DOT pienaar AT yahoo DOT com

    Thank you so much


  4. Hello
    I would love to publish my poetry, but i have no idea where to start. Its nothing much, but i would really love to be heard. I have about 35 poems written in Xhosa and English.

  5. I am retired live on my own and love to write poetry, but have no idea as how to start, please advise costs etc as i only live on a mere pension. I would love to complete my dream before its too late.

  6. Hi,I’m a 17 year old girl who would love to share my poetry with the lovers of poem.I just do not know how to get it out there,can I please get help.

    • Thanks for posting, Mzwakhe. I’ve left your number and email in your comment, but if you get lots of spam, let me know and I’ll remove those details from your comment.

  7. Hi, I have written all my life, novels and life stories that never got through to print albeit the intensive work that went into their editing; lately I have tried a hand at poetry, since years back, everyone that has had the opportunity has remarked about my talent. This is my passion and now I am interested in real feedback from professionals to seal my confidence in this field, writting is my life, I can write day and night and I have felt this way since I can remember. I am currently in possession of eight poems and would love for them to be published as this is my window to the world out there.

    • Thabiso, you could always try publishing them yourself at first. See if you can find a market among those you know. A poetry publication can be as simple as neatly copied and stapled, folded A4 sheets of paper, sold for a small price. Many great poets started this way.

  8. I would like to know where do you start if you wanna publish poems and the maximum it must book what about one peom? what the challenge you going face. There is good reward in writing i have my that i wanna bublish or share with any one

    • Doctor, start by reading this: Also, if you want to be a serious writer, re-read and edit what you write before you send it, even your comments on this website. Remember that a good writer is ALWAYS a good writer. That means writing clearly, and not making spelling or grammar mistakes that can confuse your readers. (I just re-read and edited this comment three times, and it’s only a few lines long!)

  9. Hello friends

    Can anyone send me a list of magazines who’ll be willing to publish my poetry,heard it is a great platform to polish my way up to get a book publication,i do post online and its recognised,my poems even get selected as poems of the month and etc,one of my poem was even published on a poetry anthology,can’nt recollect the bøok tittle as i focused on my studies then,but i remember them sendin me a letter asking for my approval to publish my mumbers are [number removed–AA],i can’t say i’m that good,i let the people decide thanks.

    • Jeremia, I’ve removed your phone number from your post because it’s not safe to give out your phone number on the Internet for the public to see.

      If anyone has info on more poetry magazines for Jeremiah, please post that here in the comments. I’ll add magazines and update details on this list accordingly.

  10. I am 20years old and i am a poet.i need help on publishing my poems.please help me,i do believe that my words will heal so many open wound and also give people please

  11. I need help on making my dreams come dream is to have my own book with lot of inspiration poems.poems that gives people hope and feed them with love.i believe i can change the world with magic words,but if only i could get help please

  12. hey poetry is my food to my soul. my shoes i wear, my be adorable. tis my work in progress, tis thee only thing to feed my be loved familia include lovers either friends for GOD sake. this thing is my foever gift i had for real, believe me tis attached to my veins hopefully no human either animal can take it aay from me. so far ive got lot to prove that it has a warm builded home inside my mind,body and soul. if that is then any publishing company may like to know my thinking and feelings to touch every hungery soul to be feeded. help me “PELE THE POET”

  13. Hey Guys

    I am a 24 year old lover and writer of poetry and I am interested in getting exposure. With poetry I get a sense of escape in which I become more expressive. Please assist on how I can get exposure.


  14. I would love to be given a chance to expose my poems in a desperate manner please help me im Vincent Molobela from South Africa

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  16. Good day.May you please elaborate more on the copy an staple part,where one can sell a collection for a small fee.I wanted to try it a few times but I thought I would not be taken seriously. Now since you have mentioned it,I will face life and show the world how possible it is to dream big.Thank you in advance.

  17. good evening people, can anyone please help me find a publisher, im just a high school learner trying to pursue her dream

  18. I need a published to publish my poems that I write about abuse where can I get help because I live in QwaQwa and I really love my work would I get help

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